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If you are using a screen reader and are having problems using this website, please call (888) 226-0076 for assistance. Please note, this number is for accessibility issues and is not a ticketing hotline.


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  • Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at the event?

    No. We are not currently hiring or accepting volunteers for the event.

  • How can I get a booth at the event?

    We are not accepting applications for booths.

  • What time does the event start/end?

    The venue will open at 12:00pm. The show should be over around 11pm-ish.

  • Will set times be posted?

    Yes, check out our Set Times page closer to the show.

  • Can I pass out flyers or promote at the event inside the venue? Outside?

    No. Any sort of unapproved promotion is not allowed.

  • Can I use passes, wristbands, or the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival name to promote my website/product/event?

    No. The Camp Flog Gnaw trademark, intellectual property, passes and tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose without written authorization from the show's producers.

  • Does it cost anything to go on the carnival rides?

    Carnival rides are free to all Camp Flog Gnaw attendees wearing a paid festival wristband.

  • How do I get carnival game tickets?

    Unlimited 2-DAY Game wristbands can only be purchased online, in advance, while supplies last and if you have a festival pass. Not sold separately. Individual Carnival Game tickets may be purchased at the festival while supplies last.

  • Do I need admission to get into the carnival to use game tickets/play carnival games?

    Yes. You must have a paid festival wristband in order to access the games.

  • Are there camping options for the carnival? / What are the hotel options?

    There are no camping options are available for Camp Flog Gnaw. If you are looking to stay locally, please google for hotels near Dodger Stadium.

  • Will vendors be accepting credit cards?

    Yes, we are a cashless event.

  • Will there be lockers?

    Yes. Please check back.

  • Will there be a Lost & Found?

    Yes! Please check back closer to show dates.

  • Will there be vegan, vegetarian & gluten free food for sale?


  • Wow there are lots of artists performing, will I see all of them?

    There is no guarantee. Many artists will be performing at the same time and some areas will have limited capacities. You should plan accordingly and arrive early if there’s a particular performer you really want to see. Also, the lineup is always subject to change (whether due to volcanoes or any other reason).

  • How do I ask questions not answered on this site?

    Please email us to ask any questions not answered on this site.


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  • Will payment plans be available for this event?

    Yes, Please check our Payment Plan info.

  • Does registering for the advance sale guarantee a pass?

    Registration does not guarantee passes. Inventory is limited.

  • How will advance sale codes be distrubuted?

    A code & link to buy tickets will be sent via SMS & email. If you are an international registrant you will receive your code via email, only.

  • I haven't received my code yet, what should I do?

    Codes will be distributed the morning of the presale. If you can’t find your code, visit the registration form to resend or sign up. For further code support, email register@goldenvoice.com.

  • Can I cancel my advance sale registration?

    Yes you can cancel your registration if you’d no longer like to receive a code for the sale. Sign in using your mobile number on the registration form, click edit and use the delete registration button. If you run into any issues please email register@goldenvoice.com.

  • How do I remove or update the data associated with my registration?

    Please email register@goldenvoice.com.

  • I need help with registering for the advance sale!

    Please email register@goldenvoice.com.

  • When will I get my order?

    Please review GETTING YOUR ORDER info.

  • Who can I contact for questions regarding my tickets?

    Please visit our CONTACT page.

  • Can I transfer my pass(es) to friends or family?

    You may give or hand your order to whoever you want. If picking up at will call, only the original purchaser can pick up the order. No alternative pickups or name changes will be allowed, no exceptions. Please keep this in mind if you are buying tickets as a gift for someone else. The order should be placed in their name.

  • Where is the box office and what are the hours?

    Please review the WILL CALL / BOX OFFICE info.

  • How can I updated my shipping address?

    Please visit our CONTACT page for AXS order support.

  • Are single day festival pass available?

    No. Only 2-DAY festival passes are sold for this event.

  • Can I share my wristband with someone so I can go on Saturday and they can go on Sunday?

    No. A wristband may only be worn and used by (1) one person for both days. Wristbands are void if tampered with or removed.

  • Are the wristbands waterproof?

    Yes. You can shower, wash your hands and swim with your wristband.

  • Where/when can I pick up my VIP merch package?

    Packages will not be available for pick-up at the festival. VIP & SUPER VIP packages will be shipped to you. Please review GETTING YOUR ORDER info.

  • Does the Super VIP package come with the VIP merch also?


What Can I Bring?

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  • How do I bring in my medical prescription (I.E. Insulin)?

    To bring in a medical prescription, please identify yourself to security while waiting to enter the venue. Security will show you to the medical team and will assist you in storing and providing a secure area for your medication. All medical prescriptions should be in separate, properly-named containers and accompanying names on those containers will need to match the attendees proper ID.

  • I have health problems and/or special dietary needs. Will I be able to bring in my special foods, snacks or supplements?

    Please review the Accessibility / ADA Page and contact our accessibility team with any concerns or questions.

  • What are considered professional cameras?

    Any camera with a removable/detachable lens will be considered a professional camera.

  • What is or is not allowed to bring?

    Please review our ALLOWED / NOT ALLOWED info.

  • Can I bring Naloxone with me?

    Yes, Naloxone is permitted for personal use

Travel & Parking

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  • How do I get to the festival?

    Please review the Getting Here page.

  • Where should I park?

    Please review the Getting Here page.

  • Will there be bike parking available?

    Please review the Getting Here page.

  • What are the hotel options?

    If you are looking to stay locally, please google for hotels near Dodger Stadium.

  • Will there be a designated breast pumping station?

    Need a place to pump? We got you covered! B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pump) to select medical tents. We'll provide power for electric pumps as well as washing stations (non-potable water) with soap and sanitizing wipes. We are unable to provide refrigeration but you may bring a cooler or bag that is soft-bodied, 11.5 x 6.5 x 8.5” or smaller, empty of any contents other than your pump, cold packs and empty bottles. No metal or glass bottles permitted.